How to Calculate Love Compatibility

When evaluating a relationship for love compatibility, a variety of assessment methods can be used to help determine if it's worth the effort to continue the relationship. Testing a new relationship for love compatibility can give you a sense of what to expect from the union and even alert you to avoidable problems.

Use premade love compatibility tests. These tests feature a series of questions with multiple-choice answers and are designed to capture your feelings about relationship issues and other general interests. Each person answers the questions separately and receives a cumulative score. Compare the final scores to determine your overall compatibility level. Choose between online tests from sites such as LoveTest (see Resources) or from manual tests found in magazines such as Jane.

Consult the stars. Astrology has long played a role in calculating love compatibility and can be used to determine the likelihood of relationship success. Western astrology features 12 zodiac signs based on your birth date. These signs are then grouped into subcategories based on personality traits and physical characteristics. Check the astrological compatibility of your relationship by finding each of your signs and using a site such as VirtualKiss (see Resources) to check the results.

Analyze your names. Numerology can help calculate love compatibility by assessing the number values in each of your names. These values are then compared and given a cumulative score. Use sites such as HelloDarling (see Resources) for fast access to your relationship score.

Get outside opinions. Although it can be difficult to admit or accept, friends and family often know a good match when they see it. Listening to others' opinions gives you an objective view of your relationship. It can be difficult to assess love compatibility when you're blinded by emotions.

Consider your common interests. Although opposites may attract, common interests keep couples focused on each other. Think about the hobbies that you both share and how much fun you have together. While relationships can be built on many things, they work best when built on mutual respect and concern.

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  • A low compatibility score doesn't necessarily mean the relationship won't work. The relationship may just require extra effort to be successful.


  • Avoid ending relationships only based on predictions.

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