How Can a Female Tell If a Man Is Married or Single?

Look for a wedding ring to know if he's available.Look for a wedding ring to know if he's available.

Finding a boyfriend or new relationship isn’t simple. There are many unscrupulous men out there who put themselves into the dating world even if they are married. It is important for single women to know how to spot a married man before she chooses to become serious with someone who is unavailable.

Ask the Right Questions

The best way to obtain information about anyone is to simply ask the man point blank: “Are you married?" If he tells you that he is married, this is obviously a sign to walk away. He may tell you that he is single, but watch for tell-tale signs of lying such as averting his gaze, looking up when speaking, sweating and becoming overly defensive or nervous. Ask other questions about his life. These topics could include anything from his residence to questions about children. Watch for discrepancies in his answers. If he is lying about these aspects of his life, he could also be lying about his marital status.

Look for a Wedding Ring

The simplest way to tell if a man is married is to look for a wedding ring. Keep an eye out for a man who purposely hides his left hand because he may be hiding his ring. Also look for a tan line on his ring finger. This means he is spoken for and has simply removed his ring to make it appear that he is single. Watch for the outline of a ring in his jacket, shirt, or pants pocket.

Phone Numbers

Be suspicious of a man who is not willing to give you his home phone number and will only allow you to contact him at work or on his cell phone. He might also ask you to call him during unusual hours of the day and will not speak to you on the weekends. This is probably a man who is spending this time with his family and does not want to risk his mistress calling while he is with his wife and children.


A married man will tend to want to meet you at restaurants, hotels and at your home. Be wary of a man who is not willing to bring you to his home. When he does take you to dinner or a hotel, a married man will also tend to pay for everything with cash instead of a credit card, which would leave a paper trail that his wife may uncover.

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