How to Capture a Scorpio Man

Your Scorpio man may overwhelm you with passion.Your Scorpio man may overwhelm you with passion.

So you want to capture a Scorpio man. You have heard about the passion they hide beneath a composed facade, and you are excited at the thought of winning a man who will go to the ends of the earth to get what he wants. Remember that each Scorpio man is different, but identify the Scorpio characteristics that are dominant in his personality, and play up to them to lock up the lover of your dreams.

Step 1

Free yourself from routine. Scorpio men crave adventure and spontaneity. Indulge your whims, and go along with his, and your Scorpio man will accept you as his companion on the wild ride of his life.

Step 2

Accept his independence. Scorpio men tend to be loners who are just as happy in solitary pursuits as they are enjoying time with company, including yours. Embrace your Scorpio man's lack of dependence and spend your time away from him enjoying yourself instead of brooding.

Step 3

Unleash your sexuality. Scorpio men are famously sensual men and you need to embrace his appetite for sexual adventure and satisfaction. Explore your sexuality with him and help him explore his and you will stoke the already smoldering fire of his passion.

Step 4

Commit to the relationship. Despite their sometimes erratic behavior, solitary ways and appetite for sex, Scorpio men are fiercely loyal once they have committed to a relationship, and they expect the same from their partners. Stray and you may fall victim to one of the darker traits of your Scorpio man: vindictiveness.

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