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Dating in the Catholic world is very different than dating for non-religious individuals. For example, there are many "rules" that believers in Catholicism have to follow to remain true to their faith. Although society can make that difficult for young people, given the highly sexually-charged influences from music, television, film and the news), there are ways to find happiness in Catholic dating. Here is some information on dating for Catholics.

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Since the majority of the population is not Catholic (unless you reside in a predominantly Catholic nation such as France or Argentina), it's a good idea to try to find dating partners in places where you know there will be many other Catholics, such as church or a youth group. However, it is possible for you to find fellow Catholics at shopping centers, school, the movies, through friends and other places. There are Catholic people everywhere, which is important to remember.


One of the benefits to Catholic dating is that both parties will have a very similar background and therefore be more understanding of each other. Many Catholics do not believe in premarital sex and abortion. If both parties are in agreement on important topics such as these, it could really help making the dating experience a lot smoother. Also, if the dating goes well and you both plan on getting married one day, you will already have an idea of how you will raise the child. Many partners of different religious backgrounds argue about what manner in which they are going to raise their child (for example, if the mother is Jewish and the father is Protestant, what is the child going to be?)


It is important to ask yourself before you venture into any type of dating what kind of person you even want to date. Is religion important to you in the first place? Are you trying to please yourself, or your family, your friends, society? Make sure you are doing what is best for you. Don't limit yourself in the dating world. If you want to date a person who is a Methodist, Jehovah's Witness, Muslim or Catholic, the choice is up to you. After all, religion is not everything. There are many other common interests and lifestyles that can bind a couple together.


There are a lot of fun places to go on dates for people who are Catholic. You can go to church functions together, visit with family and friends, go out to dinner, go on picnics, the sky is absolutely the limit. There is no preset destination to what Catholics should do while on dates. The main strength of the dates should be the conversation and the spiritual and emotional bond, and you can engage in that anywhere.


There are also other ways to go about finding other Catholics to date in your area. There are many websites that are focused strictly on Catholic dating and matchmaking. Also, if you are open to general Christian dating websites, there are many of those too. Do your research on these websites and determine whether you feel comfortable or not taking this route into the realm of Catholic dating. You just might find the ideal partner ,so never rule anything out!

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