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Dating can be challenging, even without the added stress of finding a Catholic mate. Many times the Catholic Church seems so family-focused that young single adult Catholics often feel left out of church activities. By being an active member of your church and your community you will increase the odds of meeting your ideal mate.

Participate in Service

It may seem as if, with our busy schedules, the last thing that you should do to improve your love life is devote more time to something other than dating. But you are much more likely to meet someone with similar morals and values while doing something for the community. While engaged in service activites you will contribute to the community, feel good about what you do, and maybe meet someone with similar goals.

Attend Church

By attending mass and other church functions you will be able to meet other young people who are doing the same. These functions will be attended by people who consider them important, and will enable you to meet people who share your Catholic beliefs.

Look Online

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular, and many singles are turning to the internet to meet someone. There are networks of Catholic singles online that can be a fast way to meet someone with compatible values and goals. However, when looking for a mate online, remember to protect yourself and your safety, and remember that people are not always who they say they are.

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