What Are the Causes of Low Libido in Young Men?

Some young men suffer from low libidos.Some young men suffer from low libidos.

While youth is typically associated with high sex drives, some young men discover that they have little or no libido. There are several treatable causes for low libido in young men.


The two main categories for classification of low libido are psychological and physical. Psychological causes of low libido in young men may include depression or anxiety related to family or school problems, while physical problems include low testosterone levels, alcoholism, diabetes or drug use.


Young men who suffer from psychological problems may find that counseling and therapy reduces their stress levels and results in increased libido. A physician can diagnose medical causes of low libido and prescribe medication as needed. Many men may worry that their testosterone levels are low, but in reality, have an undiagnosed medical condition, such as diabetes, that is causing their libidos to plummet.

Expert Insight

Marriage therapist Michele Weiner-Davis told "Psychology Today" in a March 2003 article that up to 25 percent of adult males may experience low libidos. Davis recommends counseling for anyone suffering from anxiety or stress, but men who think their low libido is related to a physical condition should visit their physicians.

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