How to Change a Match Username

Changing your Match username is easy.Changing your Match username is easy.

Match is an online dating service that was established in the mid 1990s. The service offers free plans in addition to monthly subscriptions. If you have an account with Match but are unhappy with your username, you can change your screen name to something that reflects your mood or personality. Selecting a new Match username is free and the process takes less than five minutes.

Go to the Match website. Click inside the Sign In box and type your current username. Press the tab key and enter your password. Select the blue "Sign In" button.

Locate the "Account" link at the top of the page and select it. Scroll down the Account Settings page. Click on "Sign Up Information." Enter your password in the box and choose "Go."

Select the "Change Sign Up Info" button. Delete your current username from the box labeled "Choose a Username" and type the screen name you desire. Make sure your new name is correct. Click "Continue." If the screen name you selected is already in use, pick another one. Otherwise, you'll receive a message stating that you have successfully changed your information.

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