Characteristics of an Emotionally Unavailable Man

An emotionally unavailable man has a commitment phobia. He is not easy to spot and he seems easy to date. This is the mistake women make that leads to heartache.

Serial Dater

An emotionally unavailable man is rarely alone. He is always dating someone and most of his relationships are short. He likes to "keep his options open."


When it comes to the type of woman he likes this type of man doesn't have a clue. Trying to get him to explain his ideal woman will lead to nothing but frustration.

Averse to Change

This type of man cannot be easily changed but many women will try. A man doesn't need convincing if he thinks a woman is the one for him.

Doesn't Give a Straight Answer

It's hard to pin down an emotionally unavailable man about the status of his relationship with a woman. He may have a girlfriend, a wife or both. If he is controlling when he dates a woman, it may indicate he's cheating on someone.


This type of man relies heavily on technology for communication. He'll send emails and texts. If he does call, it may be before or after a certain time of day.

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