Characteristics of a Man in Love

young couple in loveyoung couple in love

Men, compared to women, are not always as open about their feelings. They may have difficulty expressing their emotions, so it can be hard to determine how a man feels about you. However, there are a few characteristics and signs to watch out for that can help you figure out if your man is really in love with you.

He Makes You His Priority

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A man in love wants to spend every opportunity he has with his love. He wants to be with you all the time, even if it is just to hang out with you at home on the couch. You are his priority and he puts you first before everyone else. He chooses you over his friends and is always there to support you. When you are sick, he calls to see how you are doing. He may even come over with a cup of hot soup and some chocolates to cheer you up. When a man is in love, he sees nothing else but you.

Wants to Know About Your World

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He is interested in finding out everything about you; he asks about your favorite color, what you like to eat, your hobbies, what music you listen to, your favorite places, everything there is to know. He has a genuine interest in your life and wants to get to know you on a deeper level. When you need a shoulder to cry on, he is there to comfort you and is there to listen when you want to share your feelings.

Introduces You to His Family

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When a man wants to introduce you to his family, it means that he is serious about you. He loves you enough to want you to meet the people he cares about most in his life, and he wants you to be a part of that too. Introducing you to his family means that he sees a future together with you and wants you to build good relationships with the people who will become a big part in your life. Sharing this part of his world with you is a big step to take and shows that he is truly in love and committed to your relationship.

Bends Over Backwards for You

boy giving girl a gift

He drops everything he is doing and rushes over in the middle of the night when you need him. He surprises you with gifts, attends to your every need and lavishes you with romantic gestures. You are the center of his attention and he does anything to make you smile. He walks to the corner store in the pouring rain, just because you have a craving for ice cream. He is never too busy for you. Even when things may be hectic with work, he always makes time to see his special lady.

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