The Characteristics of Men in Love

Love, while not tangible, certainly has identifiable characteristics.Love, while not tangible, certainly has identifiable characteristics.

For men, being in love resembles that in-the-zone feeling athletes experience. Graduating from the playground of infatuation to the stadium of love, a man wears his heart on his sleeve like Kobe Bryant's wristband, breathless and overjoyed from the rush of the game. Love encourages men to feel confident and passionate, and as though love is the only thing in the world worth caring about. Some men dribble only with the intent to score the most points, but the man in love lives in a selfless, euphoric state.

He Smiles when He Thinks of Her

A simple smile goes a long way in a relationship.

Few actions inspire a man's smile the way a simple "Hey!" text from the woman he loves can. "Hey," to a man in love, reads like a one-syllable poem full of epic potential and promise. A love-made smile can make a man with stilted speech suddenly speak rhythmically; and at night when he sleeps, it is not counting sheep encouraging the crease sprinting across his cheeks.

He Always Thinks of Her

The first step to being thoughtful is thinking about your partner.

Love has an intimidating way of checking male egos at the door. Instead of thinking about himself, he obsesses about her. Even the most articulate man transforms into a rambling black hole, ruminating over every ounce of his lover's allure: how she cranes her neck, tilts up her nose, bites her bottom lip and shuts her eyes to giggle when he makes a joke at her expense. Leave a man in this state to his devices and he will likely outstay his conversational welcome.

He Adores Her Quirks

Even her peculiarities stimulate his love.

As far back as history dates, males and females have engaged in certain behaviors that annoy both parties in a relationship. Nothing about this has changed. Only when a man's heart overpowers his brain does he fall for her idiosyncrasies too. In this brain-hijacked state, what is typically annoying to men not in love becomes incurably adorable to men in love -- such as how she eats her peas one at a time.

His Feelings are Intensified

The type of intensity felt during love depends on the participation of both partners.

A man in love shows no shortage of intensity. Whether it is spiritual, emotional or physical, he longs for a connection with his partner. Unfortunately, the intensity pendulum can swing in the other direction when not reciprocated. For instance, throughout the relationship, he may sometimes appear jealous, frustrated or even lonely. Such behaviors -- while negative -- are simply a man's way of protecting his love from threats.

He Sees a Future with Her

True love does not have an expiration date

Shortsightedness is not a characteristic of a man in love. Love turns a man lacking the foresight to tilt the showerhead away from the curtain into a Nostradamus of love. If he loves her, he probably has spoken her name using his last name more than a few times, planned future living arrangements beneficial to both partners' lifestyles and suggested dinner with her parents for the first time. Even if he does not think that far ahead, if he can fit her into his schedule eight months from now without hesitation, he probably loves her.

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