How to Chase Away Someone Who Flirts With You

Receiving innocent flirts can be flattering. However, when flirting changes from a one-time thing to a constant bother, how do you handle the situation? Whether it be subtly or blatant, you should make your intentions clear to prevent any future misunderstanding. If you do not handle the situation quickly and efficiently, it can get out of control. In the event that it cannot be settled privately, it may be wise to ask for help.

Innocent or not?Innocent or not?

I Am Taken

This means something

Married men and women have the easiest out for dealing with a persistent flirt. A simple flash of a wedding band can let the flirt know that you are not interested. Say a little something special about your spouse. Fill the air with sweet nothings about your significant other, such as, "My husband is simply the best." Little sayings can change the tone of an uncomfortable situation. It is true that no one wants to be the bad guy in a situation like this, especially when it takes place at work or somewhere you have to spend a lot of time. If it can be quashed early, though, it can prevent unneeded drama later on.

Not Interested

Just say no. It can be hard to be honest with someone who is, in reality, being kind to you and showing you attention. Leading her to believe you enjoy this behavior can encourage her to do it more frequently. This does not imply that you have to speak rudely or be unpleasant. A simple, "I really appreciate your interest, but I am not interested in a relationship right now," is a straightforward statement that conveys your meaning.

Different Methods

If confronting or discussing your concerns with the flirt is not an option or you feel intimidated, there are others ways you can let him know how you feel. Use technology to your advantage. Send him a short email. Be direct. The more that you try and sugarcoat the fact that you have no interest in this person, the more likely he will misinterpret your words. A good old-fashioned note could do the trick, or a phone call. If you are clear and concise, there should be no reason for continued flirtatious behavior.

Getting Help

Taking the polite route is usually the first choice for people when dealing with an unwanted flirt. If being honest or up front does not work, or you feel threatened, it may be wise to seek the help of authorities. No one should ever feel as if this behavior should be tolerated. If the unwanted attention occurs in the workplace, report it. Employers are responsible for providing a workplace that is free of sexual harassment. Do not be ashamed to ask your boss or the human relations department to intervene.

About the Author

Christa Orion is a psychologist in training with focus on family and relationship health. She has years of experience working with individuals going through domestic issues.

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