Cheap & Romantic Gifts for Men

To give a man a flower is bold, beautiful, and inexpensive; it is very memorable because men rarely get flowers.To give a man a flower is bold, beautiful, and inexpensive; it is very memorable because men rarely get flowers.

When you find a guy you really want to impress, his gift does not have to be expensive. In fact, it is better if it is not expensive. The only thing that matters is that it is meaningful and comes from the heart. There's a big difference. An expensive gift can be a turnoff to a man. But if a man sees that you put a lot of thought into his small present, he will look at you in a new light.


It's true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

The cheapest and most meaningful gift you can give a man is a gift that you made yourself. Nothing says caring more that spending your own time and effort to create something original with your hands. Consider what he likes and what you can do well. A great thing is cooking for him. Find out what his favorite cuisine is and practice making it well. Then one day, unexpectedly surprise him with it. Make sure it is delicious and you will win his heart. Another option is poetry. If you can write beautifully, write a poem for him. Maybe not directly about him, but indirectly refer to him and to his attributes. A poem costs you nothing monetarily and is very romantic.


Biking together is healthy, fun and inexpensive.

Location is sometimes everything. There is nothing more romantic than taking a man on a trip somewhere he's never been before. It gives you the opportunity to get away from everyone and from everyday life and experience something new together. It doesn't have to be expensive. Think about romantic spots near your residence and check them out. Maybe you live near the beach. You could get in your car and take him up to a cliff where you can see the ocean. You could watch the sunset together and bring a picnic basket, some wine and some candles. Or you could take a bike ride together somewhere beautiful like flower gardens, or a hill overlooking the town where you live. Just going somewhere new together creates an intimate atmosphere and the opportunity for romance to bloom.


Jazz clubs offer music all night long with usually just one small entry fee.

Music brings up our deepest emotions and expresses them in an ethereal formless way. Music has been the language of romance since the beginning of time. Today it is easy to get music, purchase music, and be around music for pretty cheap. You could create a compilation of music for your man by downloading various songs online and burning them onto a CD. This is very inexpensive and gives him a present that represents your most inexpressible feelings toward him. Another idea is to attend a concert together. You can buy cheap tickets to small venues and lesser-known musicians who are really wonderful at playing, just not famous yet. The tickets are usually reasonably priced, or there are also last-minute tickets to larger venues sold for cheap online or at the venue the day of the performance. Bringing your man to a musical event is fun, lively, and a set up for a very romantic evening.

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