How to Cheer a Girl Up Through Text

Whether due to stress from school or a horrible break up, a girl in your life is not feeling quite herself today, and you are concerned about her emotional well-being. Since she is acting withdrawn and may desire not to talk, sending her a text message could be the best way to let her know she is on your mind and you care about her. Texting her an appropriate, uplifting message might just bring a smile to her face again.

A Touch of Humor

Tickle her funny bone to turn her sadness into laughter. Laughter releases chemicals in the body to put her in a feel-good state and reduce any stress she is experiencing, according to psychotherapist Jenise Harmon in the PsychCental article "10 Easy Ways to Lift Your Mood." Text her a picture that will make her chuckle -- think dogs wearing costumes or a baby with a funny face. Or text her an age-appropriate joke you know she can relate to, such as one about school or boyfriends. Alternatively, remind her of a funny shared memory. Maybe you can text her about the time you both dressed as aliens for what, as it turned out, was not even a costume party.

An Invitation to Go Out

It may be helpful to text her an invitation to go somewhere that will allow her to get her mind off what is upsetting her. Connecting with someone who's down can remind her that she has people who genuinely care about her, says Harmon. Text her that you want to treat her to her meal: "Hey, Dinner's on me. Let's get your favorite tacos tonight." Or text her that you to want her to meet you at the park for a stroll or bicycle ride. Simply being in nature can boost her overall well-being, explains Harmon. You can also invite her to hang out at one of her favorite places, such as the mall or arcade.

Words of Encouragement

A text filled with uplifting words can be mood-boosting and can let her know that brighter days are in her future. Quotes offer a pick-me-up and can give her the push she needs to keep going, according to licensed mental health counselor Stephanie Starkis in the Psychology Today article "40 Quotes to Help You Get Through the Day." Send her a quote from a famous writer or religious text. Alternatively, send your own encouraging words to remind her of her strengths: "Remember you are talented and smart!" Or send a simple compliment that can make her feel special. Maybe you could text her, "You make the best cupcakes in the world!"

An Offer of Help

Ask her exactly what is causing her low spirits and you may be able to give her assistance or a solution to the problem. Perhaps she is upset she failed her pre-algebra exam. If you have the necessary skills to help her, you could text her, "Hey, I'm good in math. I can tutor you." Or, simply text her a question offering your help: "Sorry, you're feeling low today. What can I do to help you?" If her mood is continuously down, text her professional counseling phone numbers. A bad mood sticking around too long is a sign a young person should speak with a school counselor or therapist, according to the TeensHealth article "Why Am I In Such A Bad Mood?"

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