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Many followers of Christianity prefer to date fellow Christians because of the similar lifestyles, beliefs and backgrounds. For example, many Christians believe that they would have more in common with another Christian than they would with someone of an entirely different faith. This is why many Christians date each other.


Many Christians involved in dating situations believe that making out is a good way to bond because Christians in general do not believe in engaging in sexual relations before marriage. Because of that, making out, kissing and hugging are great options for Christian couples who wish to be affectionate and connect with each other. It is also a safe way to show you are committed to somebody without "going all the way."


There are many great places for Christians to find dating partners. For example, church is the ideal situation. When you are at a church function or a picnic, you are surrounded by other Christians and therefore, you know that you already have that in common. Other terrific ways to meet potential Christian dating partners include being introduced to each other by mutual friends, meeting at a Christian rock concert or even a Christian educational institution (many people attend Christian high schools or colleges).


Another thing Christians should consider when looking for dating partners is going online. There are countless Christian dating sites. You can find sites with free membership as well as those with paid subscription. An excellent free Christian dating site is Christian Dating for Free A good paid Christian dating service online is Christian Cafe (see Resources below).


One of the great effects of dating Christians is the effect it might have on your family life. It's very likely that your parents will be pleased with your decision. Also, if you choose to marry your Christian significant other, you will both already know that your future offspring will be raised in a Christian lifestyle. All of your holidays are already predetermined as well, because you will both celebrate Christmas and Easter. It cuts out a lot of the potential heartache and arguments that many couples of different faiths can experience.

Expert Insight

It's also a good idea to make sure that you want to date another Christian. Many Christians are involved in happy relationships and even marriages with partners of totally different faiths. By deciding that you are going to date only Christians, you are in some way limiting your options. Make sure that is exactly what you want and really consider the pros and cons.

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