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Christian values form a solid foundation for dating couples.Christian values form a solid foundation for dating couples.

The dating process is challenging enough for everyone, especially for those with strong Christian beliefs. Compromising between the sometimes passionate search for a soul mate and staying true to your core values requires sincere dedication, and some Christians may find the process more frustrating than it's worth. Before throwing up your hands in the air and giving up dating forever, though, take a moment to learn a few key fundamentals to successful Christian dating and see if a different approach will benefit you.

Take Things Slow

When dating, there is sometimes a certain unspoken pressure to move things along rapidly. Unfortunately, some involved in the dating process fall victim to these expectations instead of following the pace they truly feel is right for them. As a Christian, you must remember that anyone you date may become someone else's spouse. Use caution and treat your date with friendly respect instead of feeling the need to jump into a serious commitment.

Date Fellow Christians

Establish early on in the dating experience the importance of faith. If you are a Christian, dating someone who doesn't share your beliefs could lead to severe problems in the future, even if it doesn't cause issues at first. Christians benefit from surrounding themselves with those who share their beliefs as it encourages a continually developing faith, and the same holds true when choosing to date. Having Christian values in common with your date provides a solid foundation for the future of the relationship.

Clearly Establish Limits

Avoid falling into temptation by discussing strict boundaries early in the dating process. Over the course of a developing romance, it's easy to find yourself overcome with passion. Stay true to your beliefs and avoid the urge to give in to the moment. While your feelings of passion will fade and the person you are dating at the time may not stick around, your Christian faith is forever. Make your beliefs a priority by committing to limits early and sticking to them.

Rely on Prayer

As with anything in the life of a Christian, the dating process is much easier with the aid of prayer. Pray that you will focus all your energy on honoring your dates and treating them with respect. Praying benefits the dating process by putting you in the proper mindset and improving the quality of the date at the same time.

Enjoy Yourself

Don't get caught up in all the potential stress of dating. Ideally, dating gives you an opportunity to share your Christian faith with someone who may become your husband or wife. Remember to keep your priorities in order when dating; your relationship with God is the most important thing, after all. Going into every date with that perspective will help you to relax and have fun.

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