Christian Dating Tips for Woman

Keeping a pure relationship is important to many Christians.Keeping a pure relationship is important to many Christians.

Dating can be a fun and relaxing environment for many single Christian women. Christians are called to a high standard of living and must honor God in their words and deeds. Many women find it hard to balance their religion and their relationships with men. Having a few simple dating tools will help ensure the relationships between you and God and men continue to be healthy and pure.


Women need to rely on their self-esteem and self-awareness when establishing their dating standards. Having high self-esteem allows women to set guidelines for who they will and will not date. Some women will date any man that shows interest, but those with higher standards will reject some of them because they are not up to standard. Some standards many include: being an active Christian, having a steady job, owning a car, and being involved in missions work. Once your standards are set, it is important to ask God to place the correct person in your life.


Many seeking God's wisdom must be patient while waiting to find a man to date. While this can be difficult, God has called on his followers to rely on him and find our satisfaction through his enduring love. Actively participating in church functions and serving God in various ways will bring potential boyfriends in your life while also keeping you focused on God.


Once God has placed a person in your life and dating has begun, it is vital to remain faithful and pure in God's eyes--not losing focus on the goal Christ has set before you. While dating, many Christians feel more comfortable group dating or "courting." This will help ensure you will not violate any moral dating standards and offers many socializing opportunities.


Making dating limitations clear to your date at the beginning of the relationship will relieve pressure if you are pressured to go beyond the limitations you have set for yourself. If the man you are dating tries to breach your boundaries, it is vital to remind your date that it is not acceptable to cross your personal boundaries. Both parties must show respect for each other and the goals of purity they have vowed to keep and hold true. If the man repeatedly violates your limitations, he does not respect your honor and morals, and you should seriously consider ending the relationship.

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