Christian Tips for Internet Dating

In today's world, Internet dating seems to be just as commonplace as traditional dating. Online dating is convenient and can be a safe way to meet new and interesting people as long as precautions are taken. There are millions of Christians each year that turn to Internet dating to find other like-minded individuals. Although many aspects of dating are similar no matter what your religious views are, there are certain tips that Christians should keep in mind when considering Internet dating.

Find a Reputable Website

The first thing that Christians must look for when contemplating online dating is a site that not only is Christian-oriented, but has a good reputation. There are several dating websites that claim to cater to Christians, yet some of these sites welcome any and all views and beliefs. This can become a hindrance in your quest to find dates if you are looking for individuals with the same beliefs and values. To start, research and read reviews on quality websites. Look for testimonials from others. Find out how long the dating website has been in service and what kind of services they offer. Many Christian dating websites may charge, but it always best to find a site that will offer you a free trial in order to be certain that this is the dating website that feels right to you. Avoid free chat rooms and individuals that randomly message or email you without ever talking to you before.


Honesty is the best policy when it comes to dating and even more so when dating online, since you will not be immediately visible to potential date partners. Be detailed when it comes to Christian beliefs, and describe exactly what you are looking for. For example, if as a Christian you do not tolerate certain behaviors such as drinking, do not hide this fact. Many Christians are seeking a relationship that will ultimately lead to marriage. If you fall into this category, do not hesitate to express this. It can be very disappointing to meet someone and a few months down the road realize that they are not interested in anything but casual dating. Also, do not post an old photo of yourself on your dating site. Always upload a recent photo so there will be no surprises at a face-to-face meeting.


According to The Holy Bible, Jesus will guide you. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with anyone, this may be your Christian values letting you know that something is not right. Because of this, never give out your e-mail, home or work address to anyone before you are completely comfortable. Also, do not give out your phone number or divulge information about your community and church until you feel safe in doing so. Do not feel uncomfortable about asking questions. Although you should remain cordial and keep an open mind, asking questions is a good way to look for inconsistencies. If having a dating partner with similar Christian values is a must for you, make sure to steer the conversation toward your faith and ask questions about their faith and values as well.

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