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Dating within your church can put you in contact with those who share your deep, fundamental beliefs.Dating within your church can put you in contact with those who share your deep, fundamental beliefs.

Whenever you decide to date, one of the things to consider is your religious beliefs. If you are single, dating within your church will likely put in you contact with those who share the same beliefs you have. Dating within your church can cause certain complications as well, especially if these promising relationships never fully take hold. The key is to remember that you are establishing close relationships with other believers, and treat these others as your faith instructs you should.

Honor Chastity

Many religions require that people stay chaste until marriage, so any physical contact during the dating period would be limited and respectful. This is especially true if you're just casually dating. You are not just dating a person, but also their reputation. Honor this. Use your dates to get to know each other better, to learn about your histories and share your dreams for the future.

Group Dating

If you are just starting to date within the church, join in group activities orchestrated by the church to socialize with other singles and spend time with those you might be interested in with no pressure of an individual date. Sports and recreational activities could also pair you with the perfect match who shares your leisure activities as well as your spiritual beliefs.

Respect the Family

When dating within the church, you might find that parents of your intended also attend. Show them the proper respect as you would show your own parents, and follow your religion's teaching in regard to honoring the parents when dating their offspring. If it is traditional for you to get the consent of the parents, do so before you offer to date.

Make Dating Secondary

Even if you have joined a church to find a mate or a partner, honor the church itself by making these relationships secondary to the relationship you have with your own faith. That deeper spiritual connection will not only enrich you no matter who you date, it might lead you to the one for which you're searching. This deep spiritual commitment is your primary relationship, and any other relationship you gain from it will be richer for it.

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