Clever Ways to Tell a Woman She's Beautiful

When you see a chance, take it.When you see a chance, take it.

Perhaps you see a woman in the grocery store and feel overwhelmed -- maybe it's her perfume or the way she has done her hair. You just feel instantly attracted to her. How do you convey to this stranger the feelings and impressions that are swirling inside you? She moves ahead in line, so here's your chance.

Be Specific

Complimenting her hairstyle may be safer than telling her she has great legs.

When all is said and done, you may find that telling a woman, "You are so hot" is not really very meaningful. It's hackneyed, anyone can say it and it doesn't necessarily show the woman that you've been paying attention to her. Tell her something that captures the essence of her beauty. You might try, "I really like your energy," or "You seem very caring." You can remark on her dressing style. Specifics about looks can be an area of contention because what you emphasize may not be what the woman considers her best feature. As far as particular areas of the body are concerned, exercise caution. You might want to stay away from "sexualized" parts of her anatomy, such as legs or breasts. Stay with safer bets, like her hair or eyes.

Teasing Can Be Good

Turning the tables on her can get her attention.

While it takes some gumption to tease a woman rather than compliment her, you can establish several things with this method -- you have confidence and you don't need her attention. A woman who is accustomed to hearing compliments might find teasing to be a refreshing change of pace. You're posing a challenge that she may not encounter often and turning the table -- she has to prove herself to you. Not only does this set you apart but the woman may be intrigued and want to learn more about the person who dared to tease her.

Send Her a Letter

Rediscover the art of letter writing.

In the era of instant messaging and social media, letter writing has become a forgotten art. Try reviving it by relaying your sentiments and thoughts on her beauty and character through snail mail. Hopefully, you've already established some contact with her so she won't wonder who you are. Not only will a letter show that you took extra effort, but you'll have time to compose the perfect words. The letter doesn't have to be poetry or a thesis-worthy essay. Just be natural and express your personality.

Catch Her Off Guard

Surprising her should get her attention.

Do the unexpected. Of course, there are limits -- you don't want to frighten her. But you can go against the grain by NOT complimenting her. Don't make the conversation about her. Give her something else to focus on, such as a quirky statistic about endangered animals or some little-known scientific fact. Engage her on another level than the "You are beautiful" context, which may not be special or original to her if she hears these praises constantly.

Be Mysterious

Leave her guessing.

Whatever you do, don't be obvious. Women usually aren't impressed by direct statements that might work perfectly well with men. Take a more subtle approach to make an impact. Let her wonder what you want and whether you are truly interested in her. Send mixed signals, confound her sense of what is clear about what's what. This may seem counterintuitive, but women like mystery.

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