Comfortable Sleeping Positions for Couples

Try the spoon position for a cuddly night's sleep.Try the spoon position for a cuddly night's sleep.

For couples, one area of argument can be the bed when it comes to comfortably sleeping next to one another at night. If you or your significant other have different ideas of what makes a comfortable sleeping position, then getting a good night's rest might be a challenge. Luckily, many types of sleeping positions for couples can help both of you sleep and still be close to one another.

Spoon Position

Sleep on your side facing one direction, and have your partner do the same, either behind or in front of you, in the exact same position. This is commonly known as a spoon position, and is a basic position for couples to sleep. The spoon position is great if you both sleep on your sides or in the winter time, as the full body contact keeps you warm when the weather outside is cold.

Reverse Spoon Position

If you both enjoy sleeping on your side, but don't want to be in full contact, try a reverse position to the spoon. Each of you can lay on your side, but instead face outwards from the center of the bed and, simply allow your backs to touch. You'll still get some warmth from your partner without feeling smothered. This is also useful for hot months when you just want to stay cool.

Hand Holding Position

Another position that provides minimal touching, but still allows for intimacy, is to lay on your backs and intertwine your hands next to each other. Hand-holding can provide a romantic effect and neither one of you has to compromise the comfort of sleeping on your back. If you both sleep on your sides, face each other and hold hands for another twist on sleeping with minimal touching.

Arm Draping Position

If you and your partner exhibit different sleep positions, such as you on your back while she enjoys sleeping on her side, consider an arm across the body position. Sleep on your back or stomach while she drapes her arm across you, such as draping her arm across your stomach or lower back. This is a little more touchy, while still being comfortable.

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