Compatibility in a Relationship

Compatibility in a relationship flourishes with the ability to communicate.Compatibility in a relationship flourishes with the ability to communicate.

Compatibility is an important component in the long term success of a relationship. Determining compatibility is done so by observing many aspects of the person or relationship. Specific aspects of compatibility may be more important to some partners than to others. Determining and comparing these aspects with potential partners will help in finding and maintaining successful relationships.


Communication allows couples to express desires, dreams or goals. It is more than the ability to hold a conversation, as it also allows a couple to be open and honest with one another. When angry or upset, communication allows partners to share the reasons behind the conflict and may lead to easier or faster resolution. Additionally, communication helps to eliminate hidden feelings or emotions due to fear.

Social Skills

Social skills provide a way to interact with not only a partner, but with those who surround each partner. For partners who prefer to go out and having a drink, this might be a way of meeting new friends or relaxing after work. One partner may prefer to sit at home and is much more antisocial than his counterpart is. Having a partner with a similar level of social skills will ensure that both parties are enjoying themselves, regardless of the activity. If going out is not something each partner enjoys, having someone who prefers to sit in for the night will lead to a more fulfilling relationship for each partner.


Core values make a person who he is and even can determine the outcome and decisions of his life. It gives him an idea of what goals he wants to accomplish and how to do so. These goals may range from having a family and a home to his chosen or desired career. Values that incorporate a religious structure of belief will vary from each individual person. Having a partner with similar structure or values or someone who respects these virtues may make the difference in whether a partner is compatible or not.

Physical Compatibility

Physical compatibility is the physical attraction a couple feels towards one another. This compatibility may involve the level of attractiveness of each partner, how she walks and handles herself or the confidence she conveys. The most interesting thing about physical compatibility is that the couple will have it or they will not. Additionally, physical compatibility in the bedroom plays an important role of procreation in the future of the relationship.


Similar personalities give partners a stronger structure for accomplishing goals or conveying feelings. It may be easier for partners to understand and relate to one another when there is similarity in personalities. When disagreements occur, those with similar personalities will know how to gauge one another's feelings and how to diffuse the conflict more efficiently.

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