The Consequences of Dating Coworkers

Dating a coworker can have negative consequences.Dating a coworker can have negative consequences.

Statistics show people spend around one third of their lives at work, says Dr. David G Javitch for an Entrepreneur website article. Spending a large amount of time with a person could see your working relationship blossom in to a romantic one. Some companies frown on interpersonal relations between staff members, so it is important to check the rules before you start dating. While the positives of dating a coworker may be obvious, it is important you also consider potential consequences.


Thick skin is advisable when dating a coworker as your relationship is likely to be the cause of much gossip.Gossip is usually harmless if handled properly. Your coworkers are likely to be unaffected by your relationship beyond wanting to know the details. However, your boss will not appreciate the fact that gossip is stopping people from working. There may be a question of how focused you are on your own work if you have time to conduct a relationship with a fellow employee. This may result in your work being closely scrutinized to ensure you are performing to standard.


Every couple has their difficulties and arguments are part of a relationship. When you are dating a coworker, these arguments can follow you to work. It is difficult to remain professional towards someone you had a fight with at breakfast. Bringing a personal feud in to the work place can create an uncomfortable working environment for both you and other employees. The worst-case scenario is your argument continues in the work place, which could see you lose all credibility. This works both ways and any disagreements you have at work are likely to come home with you.

The Boss

While some employers may have slack rules on coworkers dating, there are usually strict rules in place preventing a supervisor and subordinate dating, says Dr Javitch. Dating the boss has risks, as well as the potential to end with you losing your job. If you receive a promotion, special recognition or bonuses, other employees may believe it is due to favoritism rather then hard work. Other employees may leave you out of group conversations for fear you will report back to your partner. If you are the boss, dating someone you supervise may see you lose some credibility. You are also likely to have your authority and professionalism questioned by other members of staff.

Breaking Up

Ending a relationship is difficult enough without having to see your ex everyday at work. If your relationship with a coworker ends then this is something you have to accept. A bad break up may have a negative impact on your work environment. Work colleagues may feel on edge around you, worried that talking to either one will upset the other; they may even take sides. There is a good possibility personal details about yourself and your relationship will become public knowledge. Having your personal life discussed over lunch is embarrassing especially if you are in a position of power. If relations between your ex and you remain sour, there is a chance one or both of you may be asked to relocate or even leave your job.

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