How to Control Love Spells

Love spells are spells that are designed to bring love into your life. Where you can go wrong with these types of spells and where love spells can get out of your control is when you do a love spell that is designed to make a particular person love you. Such a spell takes away the object of your affection's free will. This in turn can easily backfire on you in the form of the not being able to get rid of the person if it turns out that you are not suited as a couple, or even in the person who was the object of your affection becoming self-destructive when you break up with him.

Write a love spell that is designed to bring love into your life without specifications for it to be a particular person. This puts energy into the universe that you are looking for love, but allows the energy of the spell to bring you the person that would be the best mate for you.

Leave yourself a loophole in your love spell. It's always important with any kind of spell to leave yourself some way to back out of it if you change your mind. An example of this might be adding a line at the end of your spell that says, "I ask that this spell not be reversed, nor bring upon me or anyone misfortune." This ensures that if you put something in your spell would inadvertently cause harm to yourself or others without this line, the extra line prevents this and helps ensure your control of the love spell.

Prepare yourself before doing your love spell. Don't just up and decide to do a love and then do it with little or no preparation. If you don't spend time thinking about and creating your love spell, and then preparing yourself mentally and emotionally, it is very easy for the love spell to get out of your control. This can happen because if you aren't mentally and emotionally prepared to do the spell, then it can get away from you and take on an energy of its own.

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  • Create and write your love spell when you are in a positive frame of mind. Create a ritual around your love spell such as lighting red candles while you say your love spell. You could even carve symbols of love into the candles with the tip of a knife before lighting them. Write a love spell that includes the personality or physical traits you are looking for in a partner. This is one way to remain in control while still allowing the universe to bring you the best choice. Love yourself first before doing a love spell. Being loving toward yourself will help attract love to you.


  • Be careful not to concentrate on any one person when doing your love spell, lest you inadvertently make the spell about her and take away her free will.
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