Conversation Starters & Tips for Dating Women

It can be difficult to have a conversation with someone you do not know well.It can be difficult to have a conversation with someone you do not know well.

Sometimes it seems impossible to have a conversation with a someone you just met, no matter how ready you think you are. Initiating the first interaction with someone may be awkward or unsettling, especially if you have no idea where to begin. Even if it begins well, you may have a hard time carrying on the conversation. Preparing yourself with multiple topics will ensure the conversation maintains a smooth flow.

Meet Eyes

Catching a woman's eye for a few seconds from across the room can initiate a conversation. Wait to see if she looks immediately away or gives you a smile. A smile will usually indicate a green light, and will allow you to approach her. Once you approach her, simply ask a relevant question, such as, "What are you drinking?" or "How did you enjoy the movie?" Buy her a drink or give her your personal opinion on the movie and compare similarities or differences.

Witty Questions

Once you spot a woman you would like to approach, begin by asking a fun question to get her attention. Make the question playful and unique. You may have to ask some questions based on her appearance and the location of the interaction. Create a list of fun questions that go with any girl and any location as well. Asking "Is it true that blondes always have more fun?" will show her your playful side and will likely get a witty and unique response that will help you get to know her a little more.

General Topics

Simple questions such as, "How have you enjoyed the weather lately?" might lead you to find out what she does for a living or her favorite sports and activities. If she does not give this information right away, ask her what she enjoys doing directly. If you are in an area by a beach or lake, inquire whether she comes there often. If the weather has not been bad, ask what she has been doing to pass the time until better weather comes.

Common Interests

If you meet a woman at an event hosted by your friends or family members, approach her and introduce yourself. Let her know that you have not seen her around before, and were wondering how she knows the person hosting the event. Give your relation to the host, and offer her a drink or a plate of food. Discuss the venue or the event that is taking place. If she does not appear to be with anyone, ask if you may keep her company throughout the party.

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