What to Cook for a Romantic Dinner

Make any day a special one by creating a fantastic, romantic dinner. Cooking a wonderful dinner for that special someone shows her just how much you care. Good food served with great company can be romantically intoxicating. Serve a three-course meal starting with an appetizer or soup, moving on to the main course and concluding with a sweet treat for dessert.

Appetizer or Soup

For the first course, serve a warm soup or appetizer. Soup can be a comfort food and therefore sets the mood for a warm, loving evening ahead. Try a seafood bisque, or an elegant creamed vegetable soup such as asparagus or butternut squash.

Appetizers can be either warm or cold. Oysters are said to be an aphrodisiac, but use caution when shucking them; they are tough to crack open and the knife used to open the oyster is very sharp. Brie en brioche, where brie cheese is wrapped in a pastry and baked, is another idea to start your romantic dinner. The warm, gooey, sweet cheese is an excellent way to begin. Shrimp cocktail is yet another appetizer idea, and is very easy to prepare.

Main Course

For a main course, lobster tails are always a pleasant surprise. You could also combine the lobster tail with a steak to have "surf and turf." Another option that would go a long way to impressing your sweetheart is fillet mignon (beef tenderloin). Serve the beef with a wine reduction for an extra-special touch.

Potatoes round out the meal and add the comfort-food factor. Whether baked, mashed or fried, potatoes complement the entree nicely.


Chocolate is always a welcome addition to any meal. Try a chocolate-raspberry torte or a triple-chocolate cake. Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a wonderful and tasty dessert. You can add champagne with the strawberries for a magical touch to the end of the meal. Alternatively, lemon sorbet is a refreshing dessert. Whichever you choose, adding a decadent dessert will send your special someone's heart aflutter.

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