How to Cook Romantic Dinners

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or a special date with your significant other, cooking a romantic dinner can be a great way to show you care. Preparing a fancy dinner can take time and planning, but it can also be a lot of fun. You'll need to design your own menu and decorate the table to create the right ambiance.

Set the Mood

The table and the scent of the room are the most important things to consider when setting the mood. When decorating the table, consider lighting candles and creating a centerpiece of flowers. You can add a fragrance to the room to amplify the effects of the romantic ambiance. Some scents that have arousing effects are vanilla, lavender, jasmine, mandarin and rosewood.

Create a Fancy Menu

There are hundreds of fancy recipes and meals you can treat your sweetheart to, and it may take some time to narrow down your choices. Review cookbooks and online resources to find some gourmet items your significant other may enjoy (see Resources below). A few ideas for a romantic feast include chocolate or cheese fondue; gourmet cheese appetizers; fancy crackers and dip; gourmet salads; steak or chicken entrees; European desserts; and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Set the Table

Use a pretty tablecloth and get out the finest china and silverware for your special meal. If you're serving wine, make sure you get out the special champagne or wine glasses for your toast.

Plan Some After-Dinner Activities

You can end the romantic meal with dessert, but since you'll be spending the rest of the evening together, you can also plan some romantic activities after the meal. A romantic movie, a long walk outdoors, or a scented bath or massage together can wrap up your evening.

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