How to Cope After Dating Someone at Work

Unfortunately, not every workplace romance can end in wedded bliss. Finding yourself on the losing end of an office romance can bring about many upsetting emotions. This is especially the case if you have to spend the workday alongside your ex-boyfriend. Although it can be difficult to cope when a personal relationship with a coworker ends, it's essential to maintain your professionalism in the workplace. You can maintain your effectiveness at the office, while mending your broken heart or bruised ego.

Commit to maintaining a professional demeanor at work. Refrain from starting arguments or being baited into them. It may be necessary to alter your break schedules to avoid being caught in uncomfortable situations with your ex-girlfriend. Save crying or ex-boyfriend bashing for your personal time away from the workplace to avoid appearing irrational or bitter.

Extend an offer for a truce. Play the role of the bigger person by expressing your desire to maintain a productive professional relationship. Use a pleasant demeanor to avoid coming across as manipulative or hurtful. If you're not on speaking terms with your ex-girlfriend, demonstrating your wishes through kind gestures may prove rewarding. Suitable gestures include sending a friendly email or simply saving your ex-boyfriend a spot on the elevator.

Keep the details of the breakup to yourself. Don't expect your coworkers to be sympathetic to your loss. While you may have some peers that are genuinely interested in your situation, realize that others may only be interested in spreading gossip. The mere existence of your workplace romance may have also built resentment from some of your coworkers. Take snide remarks with a smile, as lashing out only makes you seem unstable.

Take some time away from the workplace. Gear up for what life following a failed office romance may entail. This also gives you time to assess your ability to hold yourself together around your ex-girlfriend. Although it's not advisable to quit a fruitful job, it may be beneficial to seek a departmental change.

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  • Prepare yourself for awkward stares and probing questions from coworkers.

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