About Country Western Dating

About Country Western DatingAbout Country Western Dating

When you're dating someone who has a love for all things country, and maybe even lives a country/western lifestyle, finding places to go and activities to undertake on a date can be challenging. If both of you share this interest, the dating excursion can take on a country/western theme geared toward like-minded, country-inspired activities.


The kind of people who will likely participate in country/western dating are cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, farmers, equestrians, county-music fans and others who have a love for a country/western lifestyle. These types of people have typically been raised in or live in rural America, and country/western activities are a part of the way they live. Unlike someone who resides in the city and is used to an urban lifestyle and more modern entertainment, country folk are more likely to listen to country music, enjoy farm equipment and participate in country line dancing at the local honky-tonk bar. Country/western dating will allow the couple to engage in activities like horseback riding, country fairs, country-music concerts, mud bogging and attending authentic western-style barbecues.


Country/western dating is slightly different than traditional dating methods, because the activities in which the couples participate may include a country-western theme--such as rodeos, country dances and sportsman's events like fishing competitions. Most country/western dates are best planned for the daytime hours, when activities like tractor pulls,covered-wagon rides, car races and craft shows take place. Participating in country/western-themed activities during the day can lead to watching a stage show such as "Oklahoma" in the evening hours, making the date an all-day event.


Country/western dating may involve dressing in cowboy hats, blue jeans, cowboy boots, and western button-up shirts. Females can also wear blue-jean dresses or skirts. Some other features of country/western dating could include visiting country-music memorabilia museums and iconic locations like the Grand Ol Opry. A date could also include a stop at a country-cooking restaurant that offers fried chicken, barbecue ribs and grits for cowboys and cowgirls of all ages. If a restaurant meal isn't what either person wants, they can enjoy the natural features of the outdoors via a country picnic date, dining by a river and enjoying Mother Nature.


Agreeing on where to go before you both venture out on the date is essential in having a good time. Combining activities you both like will improve the atmosphere of the date. Dressing appropriately is also important: If you will be participating in an cowboy event that involves riding or being around animals, protective jeans, long-sleeved shirts and cowboy boots will suffice. If you will be visiting an amusement park like Dollywood, wear tennis shoes and comfortable attire. For hiking on trails or other outdoor activities, wear long pants and bring along a sweater in case the weather gets cold.


If you intend to participate in physical activities that involve animals or dancing, be sure to follow the instructions set forth by the person in charge of the activity. Failure to do so could result in back injury from falling off of a horse or a twisted ankle from not wearing the proper footwear for a square dance. For a first date, participate in more group activities and minimize isolated events until you are both more comfortable with each other.

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