Couples Games for Romantic Valentine Banquets

Valentine's couples games show how well you know your partner.Valentine's couples games show how well you know your partner.

Valentine banquets offer a variety of entertainment, from food to dancing. Add some friendly competition to your Valentine's banquet by hosting games for the couples attending the party. Even new couples who get together at the banquet can compete against those who have been together for decades.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Have the females complete the answers to five questions. Examples of questions include favorite food, favorite hobby, favorite color, favorite travel location and favorite song. Instruct the females to put a number assigned by the host at the top of the paper instead of their names. Place the answer sheets on the table; have the men read them and try to guess which sheets belong to their partners. This game can also be played by having the males complete the answers and having the females guess which ones belong to their partners.

Kissing Contest

Conduct a game to show how much you love your partner in front of the other guests. Each female applies lipstick. She should place it on thick enough so it lasts during the contest. The goal is to kiss her partner and leave as many lipstick marks as possible on his cheeks in a time frame of 1-2 minutes. The host then counts the lipstick marks on each male and declares the winner.

Food Race

Find a piece of food for each couple to eat together without using their hands. Examples of this include licorice or a fruit such as an apple hanging from a string. Have the players tie their hands behind their backs so they can only use their mouths. The first couple to eat the food entirely is the winner.

Partner's Clothes

Each party guest should bring one shirt and one piece of underclothing, in addition to what he is wearing. Females can choose to bring panties or a bra; men must bring boxers or briefs. Have players place their names on the inside of the clothing using a piece of tape. Label the clothing with numbers and place each garment on the table; place female clothing on one table and male clothing on another. Each player must write down the numbers of his or her partner's clothing. Those that are correct are the winners.

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