Couples Wager Ideas

Happy couple outdoors during the Autumn.Happy couple outdoors during the Autumn.

Solve arguments and spice up your romantic life by implementing a few romantic wagers. There are some great ways to solve bets as a couple while keeping things fun. Bet on a sports game, flip a coin, or draw straws and let the loser do something romantic for their partner.

Foot Massage

Foot massage.

The winner of the couples bet should receive a romantic foot massage from their partner. Add some scented massage oils to complete the task.

Candle-light Dinner

Candle-lit dinner.

Cook a romantic candle-light dinner for the winning partner. This should be a homemade meal to make it a little more interesting.

Restaurant Choices

Couple dining at a restaurant.

Allow the winner of the bet to choose their favorite restaurant to dine at for the evening.

Well-Planned Date

Happy couple on a special date.

The loser of the bet should plan an exciting and romantic date for their partner. It needs to be something extra special in order to fully satisfy the winner.

Dancing and Drinks

Couple dancing.

Take the winner dancing. The loser of the wager must pay for all drinks the winner orders.

Romantic Picnic

Picnic basket on a table.

Everyone loves a picnic! Winner receives a picnic in an exclusive outdoor location. Bring a homemade lunch, blanket and some wine for an afternoon or evening of romance.

Movie Choices

Pick a movie in the theater.

Think about how often you two argue over movie choices. This time, let the winner choose the movie and also what take-out choice they prefer you to pick up for the evening.

Comedy Club

Microphone for a comic.

If you are a couple that likes to laugh, take the winner to an evening at a local comedy club.

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