How to Court a Guy

Young woman flirting with a young man.Young woman flirting with a young man.

If the purpose of courting a guy is to end up in a committed relationship, behaving in a certain way is crucial. Not all men look for the same thing in a woman, of course, but for the vast majority, certain attributes are deal-breakers. Honesty, respect and attention are crucial for a successful courtship. It's equally important to know what not to do, as well as what to do, when courting a guy.

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Tell the truth. OK, so we all have skeletons in our closets, past relationships we'd rather not discuss, mistakes we'd rather forget. You don't need to spill your guts to a new man in the first few weeks of dating. However, all men value honesty. It's at the core of a romantic relationship, says the article, "Must the Truth Hurt? Honesty and Relationships," from Two of Try to answer any questions about your past as truthfully as possible. Getting caught in a lie does not lead to a happy relationship.

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Respect a guy's habits, beliefs, values and interests. You might do things a little differently or prefer spending your free time doing different things. That's life. If a man thinks you're mocking him, putting him down or trying to change him, he'll run. Don't criticize a man, says dating coach Lisa Copeland in the article, "10 Action Steps The Women Who Meet Mr. Right Are Taking," for Huffington Post. The key to making a man want you in his life is to make it clear that you don't intend to take it over. Assert yourself when necessary, obviously, but do it in a way that's not critical or patronizing.

Step 3

Care about what makes him tick. If you are into him, this should be a no-brainer. Showing genuine interest in his personal and professional life gives that fragile male ego an ever so important boost. Give him your undivided attention when he's telling you a story or asking for your advice. If you appear distracted, he'll feel rejected, which can quickly destroy any intimacy that was forming between you.

Step 4

Let the guy do much of the chasing. Most guys like to pursue, dating coach John Keegan tells Maura Kelly in the Marie Claire article, "5 Easy Rules Daters Should Live By." After you've been on a couple of dates, leave it to him to make future plans. Make it obvious that you want to see him again by being suitably enthusiastic, but a little guessing will work in your favor, at least until you're sure he's into you.

Step 5

Have your own life. Guys don't like needy women, warns Keegan. No matter how needy you feel, keep that part of your personality hidden. If you start worrying about how much he likes you, talk to your girlfriends about it and keep your anxious, paranoid self hidden from the man you want to impress.

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