How to Create the Most Elegant Romantic Wedding

Fill your big day with elegance and romance.Fill your big day with elegance and romance.

When a bride imagines her wedding day, romance and elegance are two words that often come to mind. She wants every detail to be picture-perfect as she walks down the aisle to vow her unending love for her groom. She dreams of dancing the night away in the arms of her husband surrounded by supportive friends and family. Many brides want the fairytale, picturesque wedding but are not sure how to make it a reality. By paying close attention to the small details, you can take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

Step 1

Use your imagination. Picture what romance means to you. Create a theme based on your idea of romance. Some brides picture being a princess in a fairytale wedding. Others want an exotic wedding theme that transports guests to a fantasy location. Some simply use love as a theme. Whatever you choose, determine how to best convey this theme to your guest throughout the entire event from the ceremony to the reception.

Step 2

Start with your invitations. Make your guests sense the love and romance in your event before they ever set foot into your wedding venue. The wedding invitations are a good place to start. Consider unconventional ways to announce your nuptials. A message in a bottle would not only be a unique invitation, but could also serve as a cherished souvenir after the wedding. Including personalized love quotes or printing your invitations on rice paper or parchment paper will set the tone for the event to come. Send an invitation that evokes a sense of love and lets your guests know that your wedding will be an extra special day not to be missed.

Step 3

Choose a romantic location. Nothing adds more elegance and romance to a wedding than an exotic or unique location. If your budget permits, consider exchanging vows in a romantic hotspot, such as one of the islands of Hawaii. For a more economical romantic backdrop, consider a local park or a botanical garden. Parks and gardens can be dressed up to add an extra touch of beauty and elegance to their already picturesque setting.

Step 4

Use lighting to create a mood. Showcasing candles of varying shapes and sizes on the table and throughout the venue will add an extra touch of romance. Use lighting of different colors to set the tone as guests walk into the reception hall. You can even have the lights change colors to change the mood as the ceremony progresses.

Step 5

Set the scene. Create a romantic atmosphere by hanging a backdrop made of soft fabric, such as organza, tulle, organdy and voile. Use these fabrics to cover table tops, hang on walls and drape across chairs throughout the room. Play soft, soothing music. Consider hiring a harpist or pianist to play during the cocktail hour and reception. Choose a DJ who can get the crowd moving with some soft R&B or classic, soul music.

Step 6

Say it with flowers. Roses are an obvious choice if you want to convey romance. Many other flowers, such as gardenias, peonies, hydrangeas, camellias and water lilies, are also quite romantic. All flowers add to the aesthetics of your wedding due to their beauty and sweet aroma. Use flowers liberally throughout your event. Sprinkle rose petals down the aisle, place flower arrangements on the tables or perch them atop pillars in the reception hall. Either way, flowers will add an elegant touch to your day.

Step 7

Dress the part. A beautifully dressed bride walking down the aisle toward a debonaire groom immediately evokes a sense of romance and elegance. Choose a dress that includes romantic details, such as lavishly draped bustles, embroidery, lace, sparkling beading or trumpet sleeves. Veils should be long and your hair can be worn down or swept into a beautiful up-do and complemented with a diamond-studded tiara. Jewelry should be kept simple. A pearl necklace, crystal choker or heart-shaped locket are enough to complete the look. The groom can be equally as stylish in classic black tails or wearing a long, suit jacket.

Step 8

Say it with words. Writing your own unique vows to one another will add a personal touch and a dash of romance. There is no better way to create a romantic atmosphere than with words from the heart.

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