How to Create a Flirty Dead Fairy Costume

For most women, Halloween is the one time of the year they can be completely risque and either hide their identity behind a mask or not worry about it because every other woman is doing the same thing. So go out, be sexy and have fun masquerading as a flirty dead fairy. Read on to learn how to create a flirty dead fairy costume.

Buy or make a pair of fairy wings. You can easily fashion fairy wings with metal coat hangers and colored stockings. Go black for the death look.

Wear a tiny black dress or any color leotard and tulle skirt. This is the flirty part of the costume so be as daring as you want.

Tear a few holes in a pair of fishnet stockings and wear those paired with knee or thigh high boots or a pair of stilettos.

Apply white make-up to your face for a ghoulish touch. You can find white cake make-up in the Halloween sections of your grocery store, on the Internet or at a Halloween costume store.

Use a deep, dark red or black lipstick for the lips and line the eyes with black eyeliner. Add some gray shades under the eyes.

Take fake blood and apply it to the sides of your mouth to make it look like you bled from the mouth. For an extra dead look apply fake blood across your neck and make a few gash-looking marks with the fake blood on your arms and legs.

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  • If you want to skip the fake blood, keep the white make-up and fashion a "weapon" onto your costume. For instance, a can of bug spray lingering over your head.

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