How to Create an Online Dating Community

An online community is a group of individuals that use the Internet to communicate. It is possible to create an online community without having to start an actual dating service, which would require registration as a business. If the dating community is going to be used for profit, then it will need to be registered as a business. Free website makers on the Internet cannot be used for free if they are used to collect profit. The exception would be servicing the website with ads through the free website provider. Otherwise, Web space and domain names will need to be purchased.

Step 1

Create a free account with an online social networking site. Examples include Facebook and Myspace.

Step 2

Fill out the "Profile" section, in which you input information about your preferences, location, personality and other attributes of your social identity. This is not as thorough as a personality profile on a dating services site, but it does give basic information that someone could use to decide whether or not to accept a date.

Step 3

Create a group using the social networking site. Go to the "Groups" section of the website and find the link to create your own. The social networking site will walk you through creating the title, description and adding an image (not necessarily in that order).

Step 4

Use a descriptive title, such as "[Your Area] Singles" or "Dating in [Your Area]." This will make the group easier to find when people search for "dating" or "singles" on the social networking site.

Step 5

Describe the purposes of the group in the appropriate field. Make it clear that it is a collection of individuals who can find dates in the group, not a dating service. It is also a good idea to advise people to leave their profiles publicly visible, which they probably will anyway if they are looking for dates.

Step 6

Choose an image that best describes or sums up the group. For a dating group, this might be a picture of a heart or a couple. Make sure that the image is approved for public use. In other words, do not use a copyrighted image.

A good place to find rights-cleared images that are in the public domain is a stock photography website. Stock photo websites may require a free sign-up and may have their own usage stipulations.

Step 7

Check the group settings, which can be found on the "Settings" page within the group on the social networking website. Make sure you are the only administrator listed. The administrator of the group is the only person who can make changes to the group.

Step 8

Invite single people to the group. This will allow people to message each other individually to arrange dates. Make sure the group is set to "Open" membership, which can be found on the group's "Settings" page. This means anyone can join it. Make sure other members can invite new members as well, which should also be on the "Settings" page.

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