How to Create a Romantic Picnic

Whether it's spring or summer when love is in the air it is a great time to have a romantic picnic. Creating the perfect picnic is easy but making it romantic takes only a few extra steps.

The first step on your quest to the perfect romantic picnic should be location. Find a beautiful place with exquisite scenery for your picnic of love. Many areas have nature conservancies that can give you guides to great locations on hiking trails or for a nice place to picnic.

Now that you have your location set you need to pack your picnic basket. Your basket should include food that will go well with the wine you have chosen. White wines go well with mild cheeses and sweet fruits. Red wins pair excellently with sharp cheeses and chocolates. Pack your other half's favorite foods to show how much you care. Include your wine glasses, plates and your candles sticks in the basket.

After you have packed up your basket find a suitable blanket that can be laid out on the ground for your picnic. Fold this up neatly and gather your basket, wine and the blanket. Hide these in the trunk of your car or in a back pack if possible. A romantic picnic is great when it is a surprise.

Take your other half to the location designated for your romantic picnic. Once you get there gather your gear to set up the spot. Lay out your blanket. Use the basket to hold one end of you blanket down. Now take out your candles and place them in the center of the blanket. Light them with the matches.

Once you are set up now is the time to open the bottle of wine. Please drink responsibly. Serve your other half first with a romantic smile. Eat, be merry and love each other well.

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Things You Will Need

  • Blanket
  • Basket
  • cheeses, crackers, olives, thin sandwiches, fruit, cholcolat
  • 2 tapered candles with holders
  • matches
  • 2 small plates
  • 2 wine glasses
  • a bottle of red wine or white wine depending on which you prefer.


  • Creating a romantic picnic is quite easy. Smile, laugh and love one another.


  • Always remember to clean up any mess you have made and to blow out candles before leaving the area or becoming more intimate with each other.

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