Creative Dating Ideas

Take your date somewhere she hasn't been.Take your date somewhere she hasn't been.

If you're trying to break away from the monotony of dinner and movie dates, start thinking about creative date ideas that will wow your significant other. Consider memorable activities and don't be afraid to try something new. It's not necessary to do something outrageous. Just consider your partner's interests and find something you can mutually enjoy.

Be Active

Take your sweetheart on an interactive date. Try activities like paintball, laser tag, bowling or ice skating. These types of outings allow you both to channel your inner child and do something active and healthy. Other ideas include a trip to the batting cages or hitting up a roller skating rink.


If you and your date are outgoing and love being the center of attention, spend an evening at a karaoke bar. The bar setting allows you both to loosen up, and you can spend the night listening to good music and belting out your favorite tunes. If you're feeling daring, try singing a duet.


Picnics are often-overlooked romantic gestures. Prepare a spread for you and your honey and pack it in a cooler with blankets, a deck of cards or a small board game. If you aren't too handy in the kitchen, pick up macaroni salad and potato chips at a grocery store and have sandwiches made at a deli. Spend the afternoon sitting in the shade with your date enjoying good food and the outdoors.


Drive out to a vineyard and spend the day outdoors tasting fine wine. You and your date can rate the wines and purchase your favorite one to enjoy at home. Vineyards are often located in rural areas, so the scenic drive gives you and your date an opportunity to talk and appreciate the landscape.

Comedy Show

For an evening with plenty of laughs, take your date to a comedy club. Often, local comedians perform at comedy clubs for a small cover charge. Many venues also offer food before or during the show. Comedy clubs can be enjoyable icebreakers for new couples and will provide you and your date with plenty to talk about.

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