Creative Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

Giving the man in your life a creative romantic gift requires have some creative romantic gift ideas for him. Men love unexpected surprises that leave them wondering what will come next. Men also have a very different definition of romance than women do. These gifts don't have to be physical objects. Sometimes the best gifts are simple gestures that show just how much you care.

Sporting Event

Does your man love football or another sport? If so, he probably always wants to have game night with the boys. Step up game night a notch and buy your man and a couple of his friends each a ticket to a sporting event. Giving him your blessing to do something he loves to do with his friends is a great way to show him you care. It shows that you trust him and respect his interests.


If your man works hard hours and has a stressful lifestyle, you can give him the gift of a stress-free evening of pampering. Fix his favorite meal, complete with side dishes and dessert. Have his favorite beverage handy and on ice. Make sure the lighting in your home is soft. If you do not have dimmers, you can use candles and lamps to create a romantic lighting.

When he arrives home, greet him at the door with a cold beverage and a kiss. Let him relax for a couple of minutes and smell the wonderful scent of his favorite meal being prepared. Ask him questions about his day and listen to his answers. After he has eaten and had a shower give him a massage using massage oils. You can also give him a token gift such as a handwritten love letter or a unique paperweight to place on his desk so that he will remember his night of pampering.

Surprise Family Reunion

Does the man in your life have a family member that he hasn't seen in a long time, but would like to? If so, fly them in for a surprise family reunion. Plan several fun activities for your man and his family member to do together.

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