Creative Romantic Homemade Gift Ideas

Homemade romantic gifts are especially meaningful because the giver takes precious time to create a special gift. Creating a gift also allows the giver to use his talents and skill to create a gift that is memorable and customized for the recipient. When creating a gift, think about what the recipient enjoys and customize the gift to the recipient's taste.


A loved one will enjoy a massage. Create a basket with a coupon for a massage, some scented oil, a candle and relaxing music. Let your lover lie down and enjoy the soothing motions of your hands.

Heat some towels in the dryer and let your date rest on a hot towel for an even more soothing massage.

Photo Album

Take a walk through memory lane and find old photographs that depict the happy times in your relationship. Place them in an album and add captions from magazines to make the photographs more interesting. Pictures may include shared vacations, enjoyable dates and favorite celebrations.

Picnic in Bed

Create a picnic in bed. Place a tablecloth on the bed and light some candles around the room. Make sandwiches and open up a bottle of wine. Wear robes while you and your lover enjoy a relaxing meal. Watch a romantic movie while you eat.


If you play an instrument, serenade your lover with a special song. Either write a song or choose lyrics that are special to your relationship. You can also customize a compact disc if you do not want to make the music. Perform a serenade outside when your date least expects it or inside before eating a meal.

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