Creative Romantic Ideas

Valentine's Day and anniversaries don't have to be the only time to set the stage for romance. Use creativity to make a romantic Tuesday, Wednesday or any day of the week. Be spontaneous. Use a theme to make the evening romantic and more than memorable.

Chocolate Love

Chocolate is more than a sweet treat. It's an aphrodisiac. Use chocolate as the focus to create a romantic evening. Set the dinner table with a brown-colored tablecloth. Use vibrant flowers in pink, lavender, red and magenta to make a floral arrangement. Then make a chocolate fondue and scatter flower petals around it. Put wafers and on a table for dipping into the chocolate, along with strawberries and pineapples. Make it a rule that you have to dip the wafer or fruit into the warm, melted chocolate and feed it to your lover. In this romantic setting, "double dipping" is always allowed.

Backyard Bliss

Perhaps you couldn't afford to take that romantic vacation to the islands, Paris or a villa in Italy. Don't let that stop you. Have a romantic and highly creative "stay-cation." Turn your back yard into a wonderland of romantic bliss. Drape a small bistro or outdoor table with a white tablecloth. Enlarge pictures of romantic getaways, frame them and hang them from the trees. Re-purpose Christmas tree lights by putting them in the trees and dine underneath the twinkling lights and the stars above. Create a blissful, romantic setting to turn your back yard into the most romantic spot on the earth.

Remember the Time

Create a romantic vacation surprise. For example, let's say your first date was at an Italian restaurant. Make reservations at the same restaurant or a favorite restaurant where you dine. Arrange with the restaurant staff to present the bill to your loved one at the end of the meal with a surprise inside of the bill folder -- tickets to Italy. Another idea, if you're ready for a long overdue island vacation, is to take your lover to a restaurant that serves tropical drinks. Order a drink that is symbolic for the island you'll visit on vacation and have the bartender serve the tickets or itinerary along with the tropical drink.

Follow the Feathers

Get a bag of colorful feathers from your local craft or party store. Create a trail of feathers that lead from the door of your house to the bedroom. Close and lock the bedroom door and tape a pillow to it. On top of the pillow, place a handwritten invitation that invites your lover to a pillow fight. Tell them to say the magic word: "I come in the name of love." Unlock the door and greet them with the first pillow swat. Pajamas are optional. Pillow talk after the pillow fight is mandatory.

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