Creative Romantic Valentine Ideas

Think of intimate ways of celebrating Valentine's Day with your sweetheart.Think of intimate ways of celebrating Valentine's Day with your sweetheart.

Surprise your significant other with a creative and romantic gift this Valentine's Day that expresses your love in a personal way. Instead of giving typical Valentine's presents such as roses and chocolates, or taking her on a shopping spree, use creativity to incorporate some intimacy into the evening while giving your wallet a rest. With a little effort, you are likely to make your partner smile even more at your effort to make the occasion special.

Intimate Ideas

Saying "I love you" is sweet, but take it a step further this Valentine's Day by giving your sweetheart a jar of folded paper strips with intimate ideas for the two of you. Cut pastel-colored paper into strips and write romantic activities such as "One Free Hug," "One Shower Together" and "Two-Minute Kiss," along with more intimate ones that extend Valentine's Day to another week, fortnight or as long as you want. Alternatively, write each activity on a 5-inch-wide strip and staple along one side to create a coupon book with the intimate activities for your sweetheart. Other ideas include giving your sweetheart a romantic massage in your bedroom followed by a couple's bath. Blindfold your love during the massage to raise her anticipation and increase pleasure.

Backyard Bliss

Transform your backyard into a personal haven for you and your sweetheart to spend the evening together. Depending on personal preference, have dinner in the yard or dance to soft music after dining and whisper romantic words to each other. Sprinkle a trail of red rose petals from your main door to the backyard to lead him in when he gets home. Arrange a table for two outside to dine on, weather permitting. Place scented candles around the table and string Christmas lights around strategic points for subtle illumination. Play instrumental music on the stereo to create the ambiance. Cook your sweetheart's favorite meal before he arrives home or prepare dinner together wearing a new Valentine's dress or lingerie under the apron.

Romantic Games

There is nothing like a romantic game that helps put any inhibitions aside so you are free to explore each other. Play a romantic game so you and your sweetheart are forced to comply to each other's requests every time one of you answers a question incorrectly. Depending on personal preference, write a list of random questions to ask each other, along with romantic "demands" every time the answer is incorrect, play a commercially available intimate couple's board game or role-play two characters from your romantic movie. You can also write a short romantic play for Valentine's Day that the two of you can enact in your bedroom while narrating the lines from the script.

Private Show

Add a little creativity to the lingerie selection for the evening. Purchase a few different selections and model them at home while he chooses his favorite for you to wear at night. Ask him to sit in a comfortable recliner with a glass of wine in hand while you model down a homemade ramp wearing each set, along with matching accessories. Every time you pass your man, surprise him with a peep show, lap dance or long kiss to get him in the mood. Record the show on a camera or computer to preserve memories forever.

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