Cute Ideas for Dating

Choose a picnic for a relaxed, cute date.Choose a picnic for a relaxed, cute date.

Plan a cute date rather than a standard movie and dinner outing if you want to leave an impression on a first date or are looking to liven things up with someone you've been seeing for a while. Cute dates are usually less formal than romantic ones and, thus, may help both parties feel more at ease.

Combined Interest Dates

If you know that the person you are taking out has a particular interest, plan a date centered around it. For instance, if she is interested in cooking, find a cooking school and invite her to take a class with you. Many of these schools offer date nights where couples can learn to cook a particular dish and then afterward, sit down and enjoy their finished meal with a glass of wine. Pottery-making classes are another good date night option.

Active Dates

If you and your date both enjoy being physically active, then try a sporty date. Active dates are especially good with someone new, as you can talk about the sport you are engaged in or the scenery you are passing, instead of struggling to come up with scintillating conversation over a sit-down meal. If you are both brave, try an activity neither of you have engaged in before --- ice skating, for instance. You may literally and figuratively break the ice as you both try to learn how to stay vertical on those thin blades.

Youthful Dates

Dates that remind the two of you of being kids again are cute and fun options. Go to a carnival or a state fair and run hand in hand through an old-fashioned haunted house or maze of mirrors. Head to an amusement park or spend the day at a water park, where you can float down a lazy river together. Or mix it up with real kids and play a game of laser tag. Of course, you can always pretend to be a kid, while enjoying the benefits of being an adult by bowling a frame or two at one of the new-style bowling alleys where fancy cocktails and neon lights give the old game a new look.

Outdoor Eating

Pack a picnic basket with either gourmet goods or simple but always delicious homemade fried chicken and other tasty treats. Spread out a blanket in a nearby park or along a favorite waterway to enjoy a meal al fresco. For a cute nighttime date, invite some friends over to enjoy a roaring bonfire with you and your date. Have marshmallows available for roasting over the flames, as well as graham crackers and chocolate bars so that guests can create s'mores. Don't forget to bring several thermoses of hot chocolate and some liqueurs for mixing.

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