Cyber Flirting Tips

Some flirtatious ladies.Some flirtatious ladies.

A lot has been written about the art of in-person flirtation, but the world of cyber flirtation is in its infancy. With social networking and online dating sites full of the lovelorn, a skilled single has many chances to make a hot connection. To become a savvy Web Casanova or Mata Hari, it's necessary to have a wicked way with words and a good sense of timing.

Online Dating Profile Tips

An online dating profile presents a great opportunity for the online flirt. There's a section for just about everything, including favorite foods, life goals and secrets. All of these blank spaces present a place catch a potential lover's interest. The best flirts are witty, light and playful; no one wants someone who comes on too strong and intense. Make your "About Me" section fun; show your sense of humor. When writing, think of yourself sitting across from your dream mate and telling him or her about yourself. Whatever brings a smile to your dream mate's face is exactly what you should write down. Don't be bashful.

Social Media Comment Flirtation

Facebook and MySpace are great sites for meeting possible mates. A simple comment or pic is often enough to get a potential mate thinking about you. James Griffin of Ask Men says, "You can...leave a quick message with a link to an article on a topic that she is passionate about, which reminds her that you're thinking of her while it gives her something to enjoy." Another approach is to ask a cheeky question about something in their profile. Say something like, "By the way, that tattoo is hot. What's the story behind it?" or "I agree with that last status update. You know, we should discuss it in private." Referring to the profile shows that you're interested in reading about him or her and that you want to know more.

Avoid Going Too Far

Griffin also notes, "Embarrassing stories that are characterized as 'endearing' further along in a relationship may be as a complete turn off if revealed too early in the process." In this day and age, it's easy to share too much, killing the mystery and anticipation that make a new relationship exciting. Because we're so attuned to the instant gratification of Twitter and Facebook, many think that things will be better if we toss out lots of information through every medium available. Not so. Don't start describing every life incident if that's not your usual practice. If your fingers are typing faster than is normal, walk away from the computer and take a breather. Too much intensity and sharing can smack of desperation.

Using Apps

Facebook and MySpace have applications (also called "apps") that enable people to click and flirt. One popular app is the SuperPoke! program, which allows people to send a message with a cartoon animal doing something silly or sexy. There are also programs to send virtual sex toys, paid gifts, plants and kisses of various sorts. App gifts can be public or private. Keep in mind that some people opt out of apps altogether, so a gift might be not be received. Still, they're free (or low cost), and get the point across directly.

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