What Are the Dangers of Digital Dating?

The Internet is now used for nearly everything from getting the news to posting pictures and videos to dating. Digital dating is a common trend, where people meet others on the Internet through dating sites or other websites and form relationships. Although the Internet can be a simple way to meet other individuals, it is not without dangers that need to be considered before getting involved in an online relationship.


Unlike dating face-to-face, it is easy to lie online about simple details, such as how old you are and your appearance. You don't know for sure whether the person you are talking to is really your age or someone 20 years your senior trying to get you to believe that they are really 25 instead of 45.


Some people on dating websites try to get to know people on an intimate level for the sole purpose of trying to get money from them, pretending they are having a hard time financially or saying they need the funds to schedule a visit. Scammers will keep asking for more once they receive the wired money or may disappear.

Personal Information

Your personal information can be easy to track down if you do not take care to keep it protected or are careless in sharing. Someone can locate you with information about your workplace, last name and the town where you live. Use caution when giving any intimate details about yourself to avoid a possible travesty.

Offensive Material

The Internet has made communications simple, almost too simple in some circumstances. You may ask someone for a picture of themselves and receive a nude photograph or some other crude or offensive material. Use caution when opening any emails or files from potential partners, especially when other individuals are in the vicinity.

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