How to Date a Bimbo

Many men would like to date an educated woman who has style and class. However, there are those men who prefer to date a bimbo. A bimbo is a woman who is uneducated in every aspect of life except the bedroom. It is not easy to date a bimbo.

Be patient. Any man dating a bimbo has to be able ignore her ignorance and stupidity. He has to focus more on her body and less on her mind. Accept the fact that she does not know anything and probably never will know much throughout her life.

Stoop to her level. Do not say things that you know she will not understand. Never try to hold an intellectual conversation with her. Basically if you talk about sex, she will understand you completely. If you try to talk about politics, she will be lost.

Stay home and rent a movie. Taking a bimbo out in public is very frustrating for her. She cannot figure out why things are occurring around her. Above all, people would probably laugh at you as you pass by. You never know, you may just run into someone else who has dated her.

Avoid your parents. Parents' worst nightmare is when their kid is dating someone they do not approve of as a partner. You do not want to bring a stupid girl home to meet Mom and Dad. Your bimbo would not know what to say to your parents, and the entire situation would be awkward.

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