How to Date a Doctor

Impress your friends by dating a nice doctor. Explore the social side of medicine. Learn about saving lives and medical advances without spending years in medical school. Enter the medical social whirl and you may be surrounded by doctors for the rest of your life. Make your mother proud, and date a doctor.

Meet an available doctor. Frequent cafes, bars and restaurants near your local hospital. Watch for patrons in white coats or medical scrubs. Listen for individuals who drop complicated medical terms in casual conversation.

Volunteer at your local hospital. Network with the hospital staff to discover doctors in need of a more active social life.

Approach doctors cautiously when seeking a date. Recognize that doctors are hot properties on the dating scene.

Acknowledge you respect the years of training and education doctors have endured. Comment often on how they make life and death decisions on a daily basis.

Dress well but conservatively. Social status is very important to the medical community. Conform and chat with others in the medical community. Show you fit in with the medical crowd.

Tolerate missed dates and sudden departures. A doctor is always on call; show you understand the demands of the medical profession.

Respect the luxurious side of the medical life but accept it as part of a doctor's life. Excessive awe is appropriate at the home of your doctor's boss.

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  • Do not ever bring up the issues surrounding insurance, socialized medicine or the uninsured. Discover your doctor's opinion on these issues and avoid the conversation if they differ from yours.

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