How to Date Foreign Women

Dating foreign women is an exciting departure from the norm. The differences in tastes, habits and cultural expectations can spice up anyone's dating life. However, the very differences that make dating foreign women so exciting and attractive also tend to cause some awkwardness and even friction. Stick to a few basic dating tips to make dates with foreign women exotic and rewarding experiences.

Find foreign women in the right environment. There are many ways to find foreign women to date, including dating agencies, the Internet and social events. Choose a method that best suits your personality. For instance, if you do better in person, attend cultural events that foreign women are likely to attend. On the other hand, if you're a better typer than talker, go to online dating or social networking websites to meet foreign women to date.

Use eye contact generously. The language of love is best spoken through the eyes, so rely on eye contact to communicate when language barriers make talking awkward or frustrating. When you look into a woman's eyes and don't flinch, you are sending a message that you're confident and interested in her, without having to say a word.

Find the right balance between engaging in culture comparisons and speaking personally. Of course, when dating someone from a different country, conversation will always stray to the similarities and differences between cultures. But make sure to speak personally with a woman as well so that your date doesn't end up as a boring, one-night cultural exchange program.

Be a bit more liberal than you otherwise would. While dates with foreign women can potentially lead you to areas of unknown etiquette, such as goodnight door-side kisses, you also have the benefit of claiming ignorance. Remember that you are foreign in the eyes of someone who is foreign to you, so any social gaffe you might make can be chalked up to cultural difference. In light of this, it's best to act on impulse and plead cultural misunderstanding in cases of disaster.

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