How to Date Older Men

If you're a younger woman looking to date older men, you've stumbled upon a treasure for which your colleagues and friends will truly envy you. While they bore you with stories of their failed trysts with young, immature stallions who haven't quite learned how to buck, you will titillate them with princess tales the likes of which Mother Goose has never seen. To date older men means to go out on great, expensive dates, with only the best of everything, and to have a lover who takes it slow. But there are some pitfalls. Just because a man is older doesn't mean you should date him. Here's how to date older men and do it right.

To date older men, you first have to find the right men to date. This means you have to change your social schedule to one more fitting of a lady. No more dive bars or underground dance clubs. Older men will find you in places of sophistication, like antique stores, neighborhood coffee shops, yoga classes. You don't want the 9 to 5 guys. You want the business owner, who has time during the day to lounge and pursue extracurricular activities. So from 9 to 5 (this is a job), you should be in those places, some of which are named above. To date older men, first make yourself available in the place where eligible bachelors reside.

Once you find the places to date older men, you have to always look the part. You should dress well, with makeup and hair tossled so that you don't look like you tried. If you're working out, put on your cutest gym outfit. Make sure it's form fitting and the colors match. Older men find natural beauty much more attractive than the dolled up looks that your younger boyfriends went all Lady Gaga over. So just a little lip gloss, a little blush, that's it. Your nice yellow flower dress with some sandals -- make sure your nails are done right as well. To date older men, you must look young and sophisticated, meaning well put together at all times. Even if you're just running to the bank, make sure to grab the matching Gucci purse and shades.

Now that your look is together and you're in the right place, to date older men, you must put yourself in their sightline. Older men are much more chivalrous and enjoy the chase. So you won't have to approach -- just give the right signals when you see the right man. Let him come to you. Give him the opportunity to sweep you off of your feet from the first conversation. You can even play a bit hard to get, but not too hard, because sophisticated older men have just as much power as you do in the situation. To date older men, act womanly, but be sincere.

The last step to date older men is to not play the games you would play with a younger man to test him. Younger men need to be tested, because they are not as responsible. Even if you don't want a relationship, you have to put them through the ringer to make them respect you. This will just seem like games to an older man. To date older men, remember that they are probably familiar with responsibility and respect. Give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong. Good luck!

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