How to Date Younger Women

Women in their 20's and early 30's, although not a different species, are pickier than usual and more conscious of age gaps. New rules of dating apply for men who are 10 years older or more that wish to date them. Twenty percent of young women feel a special attraction for significantly older men, but men who are serious about forming romantic relationships with younger women need to learn some new ideas in order to avoid common mistakes.

Act cool at all times. This cannot be stressed enough. The primary reason young women want to date older guys is because they expect older men to be in control of themselves and their environment. By feeling nervous you destroy that image and younger women will stop feeling attraction for you.

Be the leader in the relationship. To compensate for their lack of experience, young women often behave in extreme ways and surround themselves in drama. Often they talk a mile a minute and judge you harshly based on how you answer their questions. Instead of feeling intimidated, use wit to throw her off. Tease her about how fast she talks. If you fall for her antics, you will become yet another "friend."

Respect her boundaries. No matter how much you think you are in love with her, call her twice a week and see her once a week, no more. Freedom and independence are new for her. If you call her more often she will begin to associate you with her intrusive father and she will stop feeling attraction for you.

Treat her like a buddy. Inhibiting your behavior out of fear that you will make a mistake is a mistake. Loosen up and be yourself though don't be goofy. Behave no differently than if you were with one of your male buddies. Women can sense edited behavior and when they do, they stop feeling attraction.

Let her make the first move. One of the most frequent causes for older men/younger women break ups is when the man makes a move too early. This gives her the signal that you can't be trusted and might even think of you as a "perv." Give her space and wait for her to make the first move. In fact, when she does, you can push her away and tell her to control herself. These behavior reversals will strengthen the relationship.

Check the Internet. Websites such as Ask Men and Dating Class offer in-depth advice on dating.

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  • In an average relationship, the man is 4 years older than the woman.
  • Women in general tend to feel more attraction towards men who are older than them.


  • Although it is not illegal to date someone below the age of consent, it is illegal to engage in sexual behavior with them. To find the age of consent in your country or state, visit World Wide Ages of Consent.
  • Avoid websites that promote sexist attitudes disguised as dating advice.

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