Dating After Age 50

Try a walk in the park, rather than a traditional dinner date.Try a walk in the park, rather than a traditional dinner date.

Dating after the age of 50 comes with a unique set of challenges. It's difficult to balance feeling like a giddy teenager on the inside with acting like the mature person you truly are. Many people in the later years have trouble keeping first dates lighthearted and fun when they're secretly hoping to find the perfect person. One benefit to dating at this stage is that you most likely have figured out who you really are and have a good idea of who you want to share your life with.

Make dating a priority. Clear your schedule a bit by lessening your work hours or scaling back your alone time. Focus your attention on meeting new people and dating.

Devise a few conversation-starters to always have on hand, so you can chat with anyone at any time. Talk about places you've traveled, your favorite restaurant or the book you're reading.

Get involved in new activities or immerse yourself in current interests. Peruse local art exhibits or sign up for a cooking class. Change your scenery and do things that you don't normally do, even if it's as simple as stopping for coffee at a different café in the morning.

Go on a short date. Take a walk in the park or meet up for coffee. This is more casual than a traditional dinner date on Friday evening, and it will give you just enough time to see if there's a spark between you. Also, pay for part of the bill, or pick it up entirely.

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  • Be honest about your age, body type and interests if you create an online dating profile. Consider using a different name to protect your identity until you better know your matches. Sign up for a few dating sites.

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