Dating Agruments Vs. Marriage Arguments

Couples arguments vary depending on the seriousness of their relationship.Couples arguments vary depending on the seriousness of their relationship.

One important aspect of life is learning how to pick your battles and standing up for what you believe in. Since people have differing beliefs, opinions and personal values, arguments are bound to arise -- this is especially true when you have a significant other. While it is inevitable that married couples and dating couples have their fair share of arguments, they may argue over the same things, just in a different way.


It is no surprise that married couples argue over money and finances. In fact, this is a common argument among many married and dating couples. Smart reports that over 70 percent of married and dating couples have discussions about money at least one time a week.

When you get married, your financial responsibilities change. You have to make rent or a mortgage payment every month, but you also have to pay bills, buy groceries, make your car payment and have money to put aside for a rainy day. If that isn't stressful enough, if you have children, you also have to make sure you can provide for them as well.

Many married couples may have opposing views about money. Maybe one person likes to spend money frivolously, while the other person is doing their best to save money. Arguments over money may arise when one person feels like they are doing everything they can to stay afloat, while the other person is not being responsible with their money. Often these types of arguments can create resentment. Couples who are casually dating, on the other hand, don't argue about these types of things.

Dating couples may argue over money, but usually these arguments are about leisurely activities and interests. Therefore, while dating couples do discuss money, they are more likely to argue about where they want to go and whom they want to go with, as oppose to who is going to pay what bill.

Household Responsibilities

When people are dating each other, household chores and responsibilities are usually not an important issue, especially if the couple is not living together. If you visit the person's house and it is a mess, you are less likely to say something rude or opinionated. However, if you are married to the person, you are more likely to express your opinion about the house being messy.

Listening Skills

Hearing and listening are two completely different auditory skills. While you can hear someone talking, it doesn't help much if you do not listen to what the person is saying. When people become comfortable in their marriage it is very easy to act as if you are listening, when in fact you may not be giving your significant other your full attention. To avoid arguments, it is always best to repeat back what the person has said, so you can reassure them that you are listening to them. If you don't quite understand what they are saying, ask questions.

On the other hand, couples who are dating and just getting to know each other, tend to have better listening skills than couples who are married. Most people in new relationships want to know as much as possible and may even be intrigued with their significant other's little quirks.


While there may be fewer arguments about listening among dating couples, there may be more arguments about telling their significant other what they really want out of the relationship, according to Self On the flip side, married couples usually don't have problems stating what they want out of their marriage and have no problems voicing their opinions.

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